What are the solutions for keeping your manufacturing facility secure?

  • Layered Security Models
    Having multiple layers of security set in place is a step towards securing your manufacturing company from outside intruders. Doing so involves ensuring that there are proper network controls and antivirus protections, as well as assessing file reputations and performing behavioral analysis. If these security measures are performing correctly, hackers will have many obstacles to jump through, making detection and remediation easier.
  • Endpoint Management Software
    Manufacturing companies use many types of devices that are connected through the IoT. In order to prevent the threat of hackers, endpoint devices such as laptops, smart phones and tablets, bar code readers and more should only be allowed to access your network after it has been proven that they comply with the network’s security criteria.
  • Network Segmentation
    By splitting your company’s network in to smaller sub-networks, manufacturing companies can reduce their risk of a full-on intrusion. Not only does this improve your security, but it also improves your ability to monitor and control what is happening in your company’s network.
  • Advanced Policies, Procedures, Training and Testing
    Identifying the strengths and weakness in your systems and crosschecking between departments, functions and personnel can help to ensure process flows are up-to-date. Combining this with a properly designed and enforced system of operational and financial controls can help defend your resources. It is also crucial that your employees understand the policies and procedures and are trained to know what to look for when it comes to IT security. Be sure that you aren’t just monitoring your systems, but actually testing the efficiency of your security framework.

Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC. can provide your company with complete end-to-end business continuity planning services, a full-range of modular IT security solutions, risk management services and more. While attacks on manufacturing companies are on the rise, we can work to ensure that your company does not fall victim to the trend.

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