Public Housing Security Systems

Public Housing Security Camera Installers, Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC is a premier security camera installation company in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia Area. We specialize in all aspects of Surveillance installation whether is is Remote Access, Wireless or Wired. We have the Top installers for Security Cameras and Surveillance equipment in the North East. Our Services include: Outdoor Security Cameras, CCTV, Surveillance Systems, Wireless Security Camera installation, Access Control and Alarm Systems, Integrated Security Solutions, Commercial and Industrial Security Camera Systems, Condominium and Public Housing Property Management Solutions, High

Rise Apartment Buildings, Private Communities, Dumpster Cameras, Community Room Cameras, Laundry Cameras, Wireless cameras,and much more!

Our cameras and encoders enable roaming patrols and central monitoring stations to verify, respond and prevent incidents in real-time by delivering pre and post alarm clips to smart phones and VMS platforms and providing live video plus 2 way audio to cameras.

We accelerate investigations from days to minutes by intelligently profiling and indexing every person and vehicle seen at the site, allowing operators to rapidly search terabytes of stored video at the click of a button for rule violations, and even search for matches for a particular object across all cameras and encoders in the system.

We Specialize in Security & Alarm Installation for Higher Education, Medical, Transportation & Manufacturing!