Pro Active Security a Public Safety Must

The key to securing against this threat lies in a common metaphor—if a ship has a hole, it is better to patch the breach than bail the water. Effective cybersecurity means being proactive, getting ahead of the problem and addressing the issue at its core rather than operating in a reactive fashion, constantly fixing the symptoms.

With this in mind, it is crucial for security professionals to understand the seven components of “offensive security.” Doing so will give one the ability to get ahead of threats, keep networks running and allow employees to continue being productive. This easily understood framework also gives an outline of how to handle corporate politics, budget issues, resource issues and time constraints.

No business is ever 100% secure. You can have the best security technology and processes in place, but there’s always the risk that a new type of attack could hit your company first. Yet, the conversation often focuses on an almost binary view of either being secure or not. This all-or-nothing proposition denies the reality of the situation.Instead, you should focus on risk. Most businesses already think about general business risks like bad press or changing market demand—cybersecurity should be no different. Keep the following in mind:

Health records contain an incredible amount of sensitive data, which can often lead to a lucrative payday for cyber-criminals. Credit information can also be enticing to many hackers.In short, companies should define their crown jewels and heighten their security around these items. Additionally, companies should regularly review their security policies for these items—whether they’re important individuals, systems, access points, or data. While it’s impossible to secure everything, defining and protecting a company’s crown jewels should be the top priority for anyone providing cybersecurity.

By understanding and adapting to the new realities of the digital workspace, organizations can be prepared for security threats wherever they may emerge. A comprehensive security solution should be proactive without compromising the end-user’s experience. It involves adopting the appropriate intuitive technologies that not only recognize complex user activity but also work within a larger, integrated system to limit breaches and stop threats when they emerge.

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