Every Size Business Needs a Access Control System in Today’s World 

Building Security PA NJ DE – 888-344-3846 – Northeast Remote Surveillance and Alarm, LLC designs, upgrades, installs and repairs building access control systems. Building Access Control Systems credentials may include cards, fobs, codes, biometrics, and smartphones. NRSEC provides services for the most prestigious property management companies in Philadelphia, Allentown, Wilmington, Harrisburg in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

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NRSEC provides access control for the government, commercial, industrial, education, and municipalities. Access control systems utilize magnetic locks, electric door strikes of many configurations or integrated door handle hardware. Access control systems must be configured for life safety and provide override for emergency personnel and release with fire alarm activation.

Access Control Systems are as simple as a coded door lock and advance to high-level access requiring more than one person or credential to grant entry. Advanced Access control Systems track and document activity at every door including access granted, access denied, and invalid credentials presented.  When Integrated, Access Control Security includes security camera and alarm integration where access control activity video clips are stored with easy retrieval for later review and may include alarm activation with email or text alerts to security or management.

Access Control Systems are often installed on entry gates, doors, elevators, parking garages and custom applications. Access Control Systems provide additional features and alerts including forced entry, doors held open, tailgating.

NRSEC has access control solutions for any size organization from one door to hundreds of doors. Our team of security professionals designs and installs customized integrated security solutions for organizations of any size in Philadelphia, Allentown, Wilmington, Trenton, Scranton, Wilkes-barre, Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark

Building Access Control Systems Building Security PA NJ DE services include: Building Video Surveillance Systems, Building Security Cameras, Building Alarm Systems, Building Entry Systems, Phone Entry Systems, Video Analytic Systems, Elevator Security Cameras

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